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Changing the Industry: Tesla Model 3

Changing the Industry: Tesla Model 3

With more than 400,000 pre-orders 18 months before the first car is scheduled to hit the road there is no doubt Tesla’s Model 3 is being felt throughout the auto industry.  No longer is Tesla just a car made for Silicon Valley hipsters, the Model 3 is here to bring Tesla to the mainstream.  Ever since the launch in March, GM indicated the new Bolt will be similar to Tesla and Ford has also announced that it will develop a vehicle to go up against the Model 3.  Fiat-Chrysler won’t be left behind saying it may even  copy the Model 3 if Tesla turns a profit.One of these cars needs to be handed out to seo company for online marketing and SEO work!

So what’s new with the Model 3?


The Tesla Model S and the Model X average between 220-300 miles per charge, that depends on driving conditions, battery condition and some other factors as well.  The new Model 3 is expected to have a range of about 300 miles, but that is still unconfirmed.  Since most people don’t drive more than 220 miles in a day and Tesla has promised to double the size of the supercharger network by the end of 2017 the range shouldn’t be a problem.


Officially the price is $35K, if you’re lucky enough to qualify for tax rebates that price tag could fall as low $25K.  At that price you’re in the same neighbourhood as a Honda Accord.  Realistically $35K gets you the bare bones model and if you want a bit more luxury you’re looking at $40,000 or even a little more with all the available options.

While priced in the same range as a Honda Accord the Model 3 will be more inline with the BMW 3 series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Lexus IS.  Being totally electric Tesla positions itself as being totally unique, but every car make would have you believe they’re special and superior.

When Will it Hit the Streets?

According to Tesla’s own website production is expected to begin in late 2017, but Tesla has missed deadlines in the past.  The Models S had production issues and so did the Model X delaying delivery.  The third quarter gives Tesla 3 months to start delivering car and with more than 400,000 pre orders be very cautious about expecting your car at all in 2017.

The company still needs to build a factory to begin production while most companies would have the infrastructure already in place, Elon Musk does things very much in his own style and in his own time.

In the meantime here’s a teaser to keep you occupied: